JSC “RPK” BrendPrint “ – this is advertising and production company of a full cycle, which has absorbed all the best that is today in the manufacture of advertising products for. recent years, we are the most dynamically developing company in the Russian advertising market.

The main activity of our company is a comprehensive service companies and organizations, from private companies to industry giants. From the official stamp to the lodgements from business cards to catalogs, from the consumer to the street corner flags from aluminum nameplate to huge supersites along highways.

In the context of strong competition, we managed to achieve recognition through targeted policies to ensure the highest quality of products. Modern industrial equipment and the latest technology allow us to offer competitive prices and the shortest production time advertising and information products.

We are the real manufacturer with its own office building, regional offices, production plants and sites, compressor, boiler, server, and so on. We produce advertising works and we plan to work in the advertising market for decades, regardless of volatile changes in the economy and politics. Today we choose large industry customers, public and private companies, the leading retail chains, global brands and consortia, because we live and work today, and always think about tomorrow.

Every day we carefully build our future, buy advanced equipment, develop the enterprise infrastructure, train personnel in Russia and abroad. Irretrievably gone times when serious and difficult problems have been solved a dozen disparate advertising agencies, freelancers, craftsmen and artisans.

PKK “BrendPrint” is one of the few advertising and production companies in Russia, which can compete with Western companies, as evidenced by a gradual access to the advertising market of the European Union. We produce a truly huge range of promotional products.