Advertising holding Vesna began its activities in 1997. Over the years the company has gained a reputation as a professional in all areas of its promotional activities. All this was made possible by not only production facilities but also to our employees.

Currently the company is undergoing a new round of development. We are focused on success to achieve even more impressive results.

Working in our company, you can be sure that you will get:

– career

After all, most of our current task managers – are former managers. We carefully treat our employees and grow from them future leaders.

– to realize their experience and expertise

We are open to everything new, so your suggestions for improving the work of the company is very important to us.

– confidence in the future

The company operates in the market of advertising services for over 15 years, which in itself is an indicator of stability.

work in a friendly team

Our team is mostly young, we strongly unite corporate events and more. We attach great importance to the corporate culture.

We are always in search of talented professionals who are ready to become a part of our team and participate in the development of the company!